Montgomery Creek RFP

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Pit River Tribe Environmental Office Source Water Assessment
Request for Proposal
Posted: March 10th 2015

Company Background The Pit River Tribe (PRT), is a federally recognized Tribe; the PRT boundaries are the lines that connect the four corners of ancestral lands; Mt. Shasta, Mt. Lassen, Goose Lake, and Eagle Lake. The ancestral lands and “Lands in Trust” are referred to as the “Hundred Mile Square” by the United States Department of Interior Lands Claims Commission under Docket 347.

Project Description
Purpose and Goals: The purpose of this Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) grant application is to enhance tribal capacity for protecting sources of potable water for future generations. Delineation of source water areas on Pit River Tribal Trust Lands at Montgomery Creek Rancheria will allow tribal members to better protect their water resources through identification, assessment, and public education. The Pit River Tribe (Tribe, has made it a high priority to understand and protect all natural resources of tribal lands, and receiving a source water assessment program (SWAP) grant will aid the Tribe to maintain clean drinking water for the health of all members.

Medicine Lake Hearing March 12th, 2015

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March 2, 2015

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Indigenous Nations Rally to Protect

Medicine Lake from Geothermal Desecration

Federal Appeals Court Hearing March 12 in San Francisco, CA


Ceremonial sunrise gathering, march, rally, and press conference

Immediately following hearing on courthouse steps.  


SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- On Thursday, March 12, 2015 a federal appeals court will hear arguments in a legal battle to protect the sacred Medicine Lake Highlands from threats of geothermal desecration. The Medicine Lake Highlands are held sacred by Pit River, Wintu, Karuk, Shasta and Modoc nations.


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Pit River LLC Board of Directors - Open Until Filled

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The Pit River Tribal Council is seeking 5 board members to sit on the Pit River, LLC, board of directors.  Applications Open Until Filled.  Please return applications and documents to the Pit River Tribal office. 


Rights and Duties of the Board of Directors


Each board member shall participate in the direction, management, and control of the business of the company to the best of his/her ability.  Each board member shall be responsible for discharging his/her duties in good faith and in a manner that the board  member believes to be in the best interests of the company.  Board  members need not reside or live on Tribal land.  Board members who are not member of the Tribal Council must meet the following requirements:


  1. Be at least 25 years of age
  2. Either:
    1. Possess a bachelor’s degree in business or related field or
    2. Possess a high school diploma or a GED and have at least 5 years of  experience in business, finance,  business law, government contracting and Tribal government or commercial industry experience.

Have no felony convictions and submit to a background investigation with no results showing convictions involving tax evasion, tax fraud, embezzlement or moral turpitude.

Membership Resolution 08-04-01 (Economic Development Project)

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Resolution No: 08-04-01 

DATE:    April 5, 2008

SUBJECT:    Economic Development Project

WHEREAS:  The Pit River Tribe is a Federally recognized Tribe composed of Eleven Autonomous Bands located in northeastern California since time immemorial; and

WHEREAS:     The Tribe is governed by the Constitution of the Pit River Tribe, adopted August 16, 1964 and approved by the Assistant Secretary of Interior for Indian Affairs on December 3, 1987, as amended; and  

WHEREAS:    The Pit River Tribal Council is empowered by Article VII of the Constitution to contract with Federal, state and tribal governments, private enterprises, individuals and organizations; to plan and manage all economic affairs and enterprises of the Tribe; to assign, lease or regulate Tribal assets, subject to such approvals as may be required by Federal Law; and to enact all ordinances and resolutions which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into effect the Council’s powers and responsibilities; and

WHEREAS:  The economic development project presented to the general membership, consisting of a new casino, hotel and gas station in Burney and a new casino and truck stop in Alturas, as described more specifically in the Pit River Gaming Market Assessment: Burney, CA and Gaming Market Assessment, Alturas XL Ranch Truck Stop and Casino (collectively referred to as the "Project"), holds the potential to provide significant benefits for the Tribe and its members; and

WHEREAS:  To develop the Project, tribal decision-makers will need to have the authority and ability to respond to market conditions, enter into contracts, hire designers, contractors and consultants, and borrow money, including the ability to provide a limited waiver of immunity; and

WHEREAS:    The general membership recognizes that the Tribal Council may need to pledge assets, potentially including Revenue Sharing Funds, as collateral to secure loans or other financing necessary to fund the Project; and

WHEREAS:  Article VII section 3 of the Constitution provides that no waiver of sovereign immunity shall be made except by a majority of the registered voters voting thereon at a meeting duly called, noticed and convened for that purpose.


The general members of the Pit River Tribe hereby approve of the Project in concept, authorize the Tribal Council to take all necessary actions to develop the Project including, as may be necessary, pledging tribal assets including Revenue Sharing Funds, (but no tribal land, water rights or other natural resources), and entering into one or more contracts with limited waivers of the Tribe's sovereign immunity, as the Tribal Council deems necessary and prudent to develop the Project.   This authorization is intended to, and does, satisfy the requirements of the Pit River Constitution Article VII, Section 3.


I, the undersigned Tribal Chairperson or other Constitutionally authorized and designated signatory of the Pit River Tribal Council, do hereby certify that the foregoing Resolution was presented at a duly noticed general membership meeting of the Pit River Tribe held on April 5, 2008, at which a quorum was present, and approved by a vote of 97 "for,"74, "against," 0, "abstentions," and 2 “spoiled ballots”, and such Resolution has not been rescinded or amended in any way.

Jessica Jim, Tribal Chairperson                  Date 4-5-08

Ida Riggins, Designated Signatory            Date 4-5-08

(See Attached PDF Signed and Executed Resolution)