Pit River Tribal Council
Pictured from left to right Front Row: Melvin Elmore, Deloris Raglin, Gwen Wolfin, Faith Santillian.
Center Row: Vernon "Pro" Ward, Shawnna Harrison, Raquel Preston, Ida Riggins, Will George.
Back Row: Randy Quinn, Irvin Brown, Ray Alvarez, Ben Gomez, Richard Wilson.

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9.22.2014 - Updated Whereabouts Unknown

9.22.2014 - Updated Job Postings

9.5.2014 - Updated XL Ranch Manager Job Posting

8.27.2014 - Updated Job Postings

8.7.2014 - Added Cultural Monitor Training hosted by PG&E -Sept 15th, 2014

8.5.2014 - Back 2 School Gift Card Applications Available Now

8.4.2014 - Tribal Elections Cancelled (Due to Wild Fire)

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To all Pit River Tribal Members: this notice is provided pursuant to Pit River Tribal Election Ordinance No. 88-2.  The annual elections of the Pit River Tribe will be conducted as follows:


Ø Election Date:           September 27, 2014    Saturday

Ø Election Time:          Doors open at 8 am  Band Voting starts at 10 am

Ø Election Location:              Mc Arthur Fairgrounds at Ingram Hall 

                                                                   44218 “A” Street, Mc Arthur, CA  96056

                                                                   Website: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Pit River Tribal Council:

                                    (X)       Band Council Representative & Alternate

                                    (X)      Cultural Representative & Alternate (Optional)

Pit River Tribal Officers:

                                    (X)       Tribal Chairperson   (X)       Tribal Vice-Chairperson

                                    (X)       Tribal Secretary        (X)       Tribal Treasurer

                                    (X)       Recording Secretary (X)       Sergeant At Arms

Pit River Health Service:

                                    (X)       (5)        Board of Directors Seat

Pit River Tribal Housing Board:

                                    (X)       (2)        Board of Directors Seats

Pit River Tribal Committees:

                                    (X)       Education Committee           (X)       Indian Child Welfare (ICWA)

                                    (X)       Enrollment Committee         (X)       Election Committee

                                    (X)       Pow Wow Committee           (X)       Medicine Lake Committee



Pit River Tribal Enrollment and Voter Registration is required in order to vote in any election of the Pit River Tribe.  Further, an enrolled member shall not be eligible to vote in any election occurring less than (15) days of the date of registration.  To vote in the above noticed Tribal Election, you must register to vote no later than September 12, 2014 by 5:00 pm., which is (15) days prior to the scheduled election.  The manner and qualifications for voter registration are set forth in the attached “VOTER REGISTRATION REQUIREMENTS FOR ELECTIONS OF THE PIT RIVER TRIBE”.



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Download this file (2014Official Voter Registar IR.pdf)2014Official Voter Registar IR.pdf[ ]159 kB

Pit River Tribal
Cultural Monitor Training hosted by PG&E
September 15&16th
9 AM –4 PM
36977 Park Avenue
Burney, CA

This training will cover:
1) Roles of the monitor
2) Ethics of monitoring
3) Safety Equipment/Field Equipment
4) Local Culture History
5) Preservation Law
6) Artifact Recognition (Historic and Prehistoric Arti-facts)
7) Records Keeping/Photography
8) Mapping exercise (included use of GPS and tape/compass techniques).

For More Information and to sign up please call
THPO Dept 530-335-5421 ext. 1205 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Breakfast & Lunch will be provided, Please be prepared on Day 2 with
water, a hat and sturdy walking shoes
There is NO fee to attend this workshop, but please register in advance.

Download this file (Sept15training.pdf)Sept15training.pdf[ ]390 kB